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5 French Beauty Methods You Can Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine

Jeanne En Provence

Posted on April 05 2018

French women are renowned for their classic style and natural beauty practices throughout the world. They follow a strict beauty regimen based on the strong belief that if your body is healthy and taken care of, any additional flourishes are just the cherry on top. French beauty methods are all deeply rooted in the process of promoting an individual’s natural beauty. Here are five traditions you can incorporate into your daily routine to achieve a particularly Parisian glow:

1) Focus On One Feature

Unlike the American mentality of “go big or go home”, French women adhere to the strict belief that less is more. The Kardashian-esque face of makeup is seen as over the top and garish. But a French woman would also never be caught leaving the house without preparing her face first.  So, where’s the middle ground? The key is focusing on one feature to highlight. Create a romantic cat eye with eyeliner and leave the rest of your face bare. Or choose an iconic shade of red lipstick, add a dash of mascara, and leave the rest of your face au natural.

Tres Magnifique.

2) Have A Signature Scent  

Your perfume is your aura, it’s delicate scent is the first thing you project about yourself to those around you.  French perfume has the well-deserved reputation of being made with the finest and highest quality natural ingredients in the world. Perfume is an integral part of a French woman's identity. It is the opportunity to create a subtle, yet sensual ambience that is uniquely your own. French women will typically have a signature scent for day to day, and then several additional scents depending on the occasion. A light floral scent for a day on the town, a more sultry earth-toned scent for an evening out. Living in the country that produces the finest perfumes in the world has raised their standard of ingredients as well. French women will always wear a floral or nature-based scent versus an overly sweet, fabricated scent.  

3) Invest in a Skin Care Routine

Skin care is essential to a French woman’s beauty routine. Without a well nourished and refreshed base makeup is simply a cover-up, instead of an enhancement. Typically starting around age twelve, French women formulate a routine with natural based products that starts and ends their day. A nutrient-rich moisturizer and a light misting spray are two of the most common products used to produce dewy and glowing skin.

4) Choose Natural Ingredients

French women are very passionate about the ingredients they apply to their skin. A belief of using not only natural, but locally harvested ingredients, has been passed down through generations.Those who live by the sea will incorporate seaweed products into their routine, while women from Provence focus on the local flowers and lavender which grow abundantly.  French women frequently use ingredients like egg yolk, olive oil, honey, or shea butter to create a nourishing mask for their skin and hair. These masks are applied 1-2 times per month as a form of rejuvenation. The use of essential oils is also highly popular. Oiling one's skin and hair before showering is their secret to providing an extra boost of moisturizer and shine.

5) Take More Baths

French culture celebrates the act of savoring. Whether it’s a fine cooked meal, sipping wine after work, or partaking in a beauty ritual. Everything should be done with purpose and with the properly allotted amount of time. This includes bathing, which is seen as more than just a way to get clean quick. French women will have special oils, salts, and natural herbs they add to their bathtub so every minute spent soaking is used to benefit and enhance their skin. Taking the time to take an oil or herb-infused bath not only heals your skin but also promotes the art of relaxation and purposely setting aside time for self-care. This way you emerge with not only glowing skin, but a peaceful aura - which will enhance anyone’s natural beauty.


~ Jeanne En Provence Always Uses Natural Ingredients ~

Tucked away in the South of France are the rolling hills of Grasse. These provincial fields provide the world with the finest perfumes. The local farmers who grow olives, lavender, and roses have cultivated these hillsides for generations.
 We began our journey in 1978, drawing on the wisdom and traditions of those men and women to form a company with a vision to bring the vivid colors and evocative scents of the Mediterranean hills to the rest of the world.
Unlike other French exporters, infamous for their steep prices, Jeanne En Provence has a different idea in mind: pure, vibrant French ingredients made available to all.
By working directly with local farmers, and producing the majority of our products close to the farms where our scents are harvested, Jeanne En Provence has been able to produce luxury products without the heavy price tag.