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The jasmine flower has been a symbol of mystery and femininity for centuries, and a true reflection of natural beauty.

The secret of this enchanting fragrance lies within the jasmine flower’s natural extracts. This perfume contains the essence of summer memories, where the languid heat of the day gives way to the coolness of night. At twilight, the jasmine flower unfolds to release its elegant and delicate fragrance. Top notes of peach blossom into a captivating bouquet of wild jasmine, floral violet, and fragrant white lily.

Finally, the exotic background notes of sandalwood and musk finish this feminine scent with a touch of sensuality. This alluring fragrance is housed within a classic white woven pear-shaped atomiser.

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Hold bottle 6-8 inches away from dry skin and spray on pulse points, choosing between wrists, ears, neck, or hairline on the back of head. Avoid rubbing wrists together which may alter the scent profile. Store bottle in a dry environment, away from frequent steam or heat which may degrade the natural ingredients over time.

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