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This range is formulated with organic PDO olive oil from Haute-Provence and offers specialised cosmetic and hair care inspired by the beauty traditions of Mediterranean women. Olive oil, a veritable beauty secret, has always been used to soften and moisturize the skin as well as adding a silky shine to hair.

A real gem of perfumery, jasmine is a symbol of the Grasse region. Jasmine is still seen as an eternal symbol of feminine beauty. A flower of mystery, it embodies sensuality, delicacy and elegance.

Peony (pivoine in French) also known as the "flower with a thousand petals", embodies love and feminine beauty. Deliciously scented, its flowers are both generous and imposing, delicate and sensual. Peony has been used in skin care for centurie .and continues to evoke memories of summer and youthful exuberance.

Shea butter is extracted from the shea fruit, a tree growing in the West African Savannah, and whose name means "life."
Shea butter is traditionally used by women and children for body and hair care. In cosmetics, it is especially appreciated for its moisturising and softening properties. Honey from Provence has energising and antiseptic properties. It is also effective against fatigue. A lot of scientific research is now being carried out on the benefits of honey and it is beginning to produce convincing results.